The Next Brand

Over the last several months I have been keeping a secret.

Beginning around November of last year I began toying with the idea of launching a second brand. My desires were to keep the quality at the highest level, but make a more casual product that could be blended as well with my current, more formal brand- Quinnten & George Clothing.

Quinnten & George was my first venture. When starting it, I wished that it would do good (and it did for the most part) but I never planned on it being my future or career. It was a hobby and something I enjoyed. That being known from the beginning, I have constantly been thinking about what possibly could be next. I have thought of anything from fashion, to tech, to services and each and every time I come back to one industry – fashion. It is something I love. Aside from me liking clothing, it is so much more. I love the industry because it rips people apart, it is incredibly hard to reach the light and it is constantly changing- so it keeps you on your toes. Strange, right? People want to jump in an industry, make a ton of money and leave. Not me. I want to do it out of passion and interest.

With that being said, I am currently in the final stages of making and releasing my new brand- QUINN DILLON. This will be my baby. I dream about this because it is something I can put my heart in to and express it through my designs. In May I will be launching mainly shoes, accompanied by a few pairs of socks and possibly polos and shirts. A lot has gone in to this and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

I pride myself in what I am bringing forth because I know it is good. My shoe manufacturers work with some of the largest fashion monsters (Fendi, YSL, etc.) and I see that as an honor to be able to work with such talented and experienced people. No, I do not put my name up there with those designers, but I can guarantee the same quality and satisfaction.

I look forwards to sharing this with you all and hope to receive as much feedback as possible. As I mentioned, we will be launching in May so please stay tuned.



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