I was born and raised in Utah, U.S.A. From a young age, my parents instilled into me the need to work. Growing up with parents who were raised on farms, I was taught the reality of hard work. This I admire so much. The only downfall to this, is because of their era of age, they wanted to teach me the importance of having a “secure” job. Though I do have one, I have found more success, happiness and inspiration through my own ventures.

As I reflect on my childhood, I recognize the “entrepreneurial” mindset that I developed at a young age. I remember selling to my neighbors drawings I had done of Pokemon, then also selling my Pokemon cards. Though I was at best 6 years old, I had began to develop the traits of a salesman. Like many children do, they set up a lemonade stand- though for me, I did something I loved at the time and was passionate about.

As time went on and my teen years laid in, I pondered on the skills I had developed. I began doing sales for large companies on my own, just to name a few: DirectTV, T-Mobile, Verizon, Xfinity. I was not working in the call centers, or in any center actually- I was out on my own.

Now in my early twenties, I realized for me to be happy and feel like I am sincerely achieving something, I need two things: SALES & CREATIVITY. In June 2015, I began the company which is known as Quinnten & George Clothing. Quickly I was able to implement those two things: sales and creativity. I began designing suits and shirts. Soon enough, the same day to be exact, I was selling shirts to my following, friends, and family. The experience has been rewarding and very challenging. The up’s and down’s of running your own businesses are incredible.

The most recent decision I have made is to begin consulting and helping other businesses grow in the means of Social Media. It is left so untouched by many companies that could reap good benefit if they just had an idea of where to start. If you or someone you know, feel you are spending too much, too little or nothing at all in social media and advertising – please do both of us a favor and get in contact with me.